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Sasol bursaries are desired by many students today but who is Sasol and how do you really get a Sasol bursary? Sasol is a company in South Africa with operations based around the world. They are considered to be one of the best work environments in the region, and the Sasol Bursary is hotly sought after by many students entering college or returning for post graduate education. Their work largely deals with chemicals, energy and fuel, and as such they employ a lot of people with degrees in engineering, science and commerce. It should not be surprising then, that bursaries at Sasol are designed entirely around students entering these fields, and is available only to those students who have shown strong academic marks in math, science and English. All applicants applying before the end of their Grade 12 year who do not maintain good marks either after application or after being awarded the Sasol Bursary will lose their financial aid.

Bursaries at Sasol offer an amazing opportunity to anybody who is accepted into the program. It pays 100% of all university related fees, room and board, three meals a day and then goes a step further by paying additional money for books and basic living expenses. According to Sasol’s own reporting, they receive upwards of 5000 applications every year and only accept somewhere between 80 to 100 applicants to interview, then even fewer get access to the awards. Sasol carefully decides how many applicants they can accept to the program based on business demand, and as a result the vast majority of applicants will normally be turned away. Because of the high amount of financial aid which the Sasol Bursary provides for, every applicant should be aware that they must put their best foot forward. Amongst the application process are questions regarding current studies and interests which will indicate to the selection committee viability of applicants in particular fields, and certainly their questions regarding these achievements will weigh heavily in their decisions.

Crafting a highly tailored personal letter for the “who are you” section of their Sascol bursaries application will be important in setting yourself apart. Write yourself up and do not skimp on those things which really set define your character. What are your interests and passions? Why are you seeking an education in science, engineering or commerce? As Sasol is a business, they are going to be looking for a return on their investment – why would you be a good choice for their bursary? Consider your achievements in life and make sure you include them in the appropriate section. In this situation, quantity is not necessarily better than quality, so you will want to be sure that your achievements are meaningful with regards to what they are looking for in candidates. Talk about science competitions you have entered, or perhaps engineering projects you have been involved in. The application is your only chance to introduce yourself to the selection committee before they make their interview decisions, so it is important to start early in planning to achieve the Sasol Bursary so that your record reflects a high degree of personal integrity.

All applications for the 2011/12 Sasol bursaries academic year must be submitted by February 28, 2011. Though Sasol prefers the application be completed online, those who are not able to access to Internet readily should contact the Sasol help hotline at 086 010 6235 for assistance in filing their application. All applicants who have been selected for interviews will be notified by March 2011, so the wait between submission and notification is not long at all.

The competitiveness of the bursaries at Sasol cannot be highlighted enough, so applicants should be sure to articulate their interests and academic goals clearly. Postgraduate students interested in getting the Sasol Bursary should review the criteria carefully as the fields which they support are much more specific than the undergraduate opportunities.

*NHS bursaries for health studies.

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  1. I kindly plead for a barsary. im studying at the University Of Zululand, doing BA Arts. i would realy be pleased to have my application into consideration because i realy need funds.please.

  2. asking for a bursary

    • Muhanganei,

      We recommend that you contact your bursaries from the government programs first as this is the best first step in applying for a bursary program.

      • im a first year student at nwu vaal campus .im currently studying with a bursary from gauteng city regional accademy,and i want to apply for another bursary this year but for next year .

        • rose,

          your best plan of action is to make an appointment with the financial aids office at nwu vaal campus to discuss what options you have to continue your gauteng city regional academy bursary or some other student bursary they may have which you qualify for. Your college wants you to continue attending their college so they will do everything they can to insure this by helping you get financial aid again if at all possible. The financial aids office are your experts in this right now and they will at the very least direct you in the direction of student aid.

  3. im asking for a bursary,im so very desparate because my mother is struggling.please im a first yaer student at university of Johannesburg

  4. i will like to get the bursary

    • bongiwe,

      Bursaries at Sasol can be applied to anytime. Click the link at the end of the Sasol webpage and find out how.

      • I am a girl of 19yrs old first year student studing Phicical Matalogy completed my first cemester got 3 dinstition on three subjects please help no mony to go fethere.

        • Lethabo,

          visit the FinAids office from the college you are interested in attending to see what options for student aid can be offered to you. Apply to as many bursaries as you can too. Apply also to your government bursaries.

  5. Im a 18 yr old female,matriculated in 2010 I passed maths,science,geography,life sciences,english and I would appriciate it if you would give me chance to persue my dreams of making it big in the Sasol industry.

  6. Which report marks do you need for my application

  7. I kindly plea for sasol bursary to further up my studies at v.u.t asually requiring it for 2013 on my first year at varsity

  8. i am doing my first year at the university of johannesburg i am doing analytical chemistry and am looking for a bursary because my money is insuficient to continue with my studies i really need ur help my email address is sthembisomokoena@gmail.com

  9. Hello, I am a Nigerian student at a the university of Fort Hare how can I be assited in getting a bursary? Please I am seriosly in need of a bursary.Thanks

  10. i would like to get a bursary for 2012,i will be doing biochemistry and major in chemistry and i do not have money to study.im still doing my first year at wits university.

  11. i reslly need this im very passionate about this

  12. Im doing my first year at university of venda but in bachelor of commerce foundation programme.i want to do bcom economist but my parents are not working but sasol can help me with funds to complete this degree

  13. Im doing my first year at university of venda but in bachelor of commerce foundation programme.i want to do bcom economist but my parents are not working but sasol can help me with funds to complete this degree.

  14. I’m desparate for the barsary because my parents are not working,I like to further up my studies.

  15. I am currently a sociology students at University of Zululand. I wish to know whether could i being considered with your bursary programme.

    • akhile,

      apply directly to the bursary of your choice by going directly to the sponsors website to apply. You must apply to each one separately.

  16. do foreign students get bursaries because i do need if any please notify me so i apply

  17. am a student from Kenya undertaking a course in clinical medicine am requesting for your financial support to meet my education needs.THANKS IN ADVANCE

  18. im currently doing my 3rd year of bsc(physics and mineral) and next year will be my final year.is it possible for me to get an internship in this field or just volunteering?

    • tumelo,

      you must present this question to the bursary sponsor which you are interested in. Go to their website and send your question via their contact page.

  19. Both parents of myn are uneployed and illiteracy


    • JUBY,

      this site does not offer bursaries. We write about the various ones available today and you can apply to them by clicking on the links in the bursary articles.

  21. i am in needy of bursary from your company as i am studying my lst year in tut for analtical chemistry

    • thabang,

      we explain about many various forms of bursaries on our site but you must apply to them if you want to find out if you qualify for one. You do this by going directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply online directly with them. There is normally a link in the article which will take you there, or you must search for the bursary in your favorite search engine to come to the updated and correct URL to apply. If the bursary sponsor changes their links often then we will not continue to provide the link in our article.

  22. I am in need of a bussary as i am going to study my first year in B sc applied chemistry at university of kwazulu natal

  23. I am florence from Limpopo Province im currently doing second year in University of Limpopo for Bsc Environmental Science. I am asking for a basary at sasol company to further my studies as i would like to work in their field.

  24. I am currently at ukzn westville studying BSc geological Sciences but using NSFAS. I was wondering if Sasol could sponser me with a bursary. I am a hardworker and I can do very good out of my hardwork, just give me a book and I will show you what I am capable of. My matric results are as follows:- ZULHL 87%, ENGFA 78%, MATH 79%, LIFE 89%, CATN 83%, GEOG 82%& PHSC 70%.

  25. i would love 2 get a sasol busary

  26. Do you reply even though an application has been rejected

  27. I am in need of a bursary from SASOL , since I am strugling when it comes to paying my fees. I am currently studying at Vaal University of Technology in the course of (ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY)

  28. iam already in varsity doing computer sciences and i need the bursary,m i quilified to get one?


      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for SO YOU CAN APPLY TO THEM.


  30. I am a 1st year student @ Damelin collage in east london doing Public Relations Management.I am seeking financial aid because my mother doesn’t work and I am so serious in obtaining my Diploma.can sasol bursarie help me?

  31. I’m in need of financial aid to further with my studies.i completed my matric in 2014.

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