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South African Scholarships and Bursaries

South African scholarships and bursaries are often considered the same thing in South Africa with minor differences. Students in South Africa will likely be very aware of the prevalence of bursary schemes in their country, often having to exchange time worked after graduation for payment of school costs. Even the national bursary scheme as offered by the South African national government provides only loans which, depending on academic merit, may later result in the conversation of only some debt into non-repayable bursaries. As students in America are very well aware of scholarships and very rarely knowledgeable with regards to bursaries, students in South Africa will likely know much about bursary schemes but be very lacking on information regarding scholarship opportunities. Despite this difference in balance with regards to non-repayable funding, students in South Africa do have a robust series of South African scholarships to which they may apply.

For those students who are not interested in working at a particular business after graduation, or do not want to build up debt through national loans or bursaries should consider applying to South African scholarship programs available around the country. Though there are a fair number of programs available, a disproportionate number of these South African scholarships are available to post graduate learners attempting to earn a master’s or doctoral degree in their field. Also important to know is that many South African scholarships are available specifically through individual college departments and are considered highly competitive. Students interested in these programs should understand immediately that trying to get into an available program will require exceptional dedication and a high standard of academic history.

A good example of a college department providing South African scholarships is the Biological Invasions program offered by the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University. This South African scholarship has only six positions available for interested applicants – three honors students, two Masters of Science, one PhD student and one post doctoral applicant. Developed to help in the Early Detection and Rapid Response Program these research oriented scholarships will bring students up to date on topics such as GIS mapping, taxonomy, population modeling, and evolutionary biology. All applicants are expected to be enthusiastic about their field and prepared to do intense research in the field. The scholarship provides enough money to cover both living expenses and university costs. In order to apply for this South African scholarship students will need to submit a research thesis indicating what relating to the Early Detection and Rapid Response Program they are interested in researching. The selection committee will consider all applications and make a decision based on the merit of submitted proposals.

The Canon Collins Trust provides a scholarship for students entering graduate school on almost any topic so long the student is able to describe how the study of a particular topic will help develop South Africa. This widely applicable South African Scholarship is a great way for students entering graduate education with an interest in helping in community development find additional funding for school. All South African students entering graduate school are eligible to apply for this program. In order to apply to this South African scholarship students will need to provide an official copy of their school transcripts, a small photo, two sealed reference letters from two professors or a single teacher and an employer. In order to get access to the award, however, applicants will need to capably explain how their education is going to aid in the development of South Africa. This can of course be tricky for students studying something like Literature, but certainly can be done. Applicants should explore what their interests are – are they interested in building reading in communities, for instance? By adequately explaining not only how a particular pursuit can be used to develop the country but also how an individual student will be applying that knowledge when they graduate will be a massive boon to any application. Currently applications are not open for 2011, but students should pay attention to the website because the program is expected to open again for applicants on April 1. At this time a deadline will be announced.

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  1. I’m looking for a post degree bursary

  2. im looking for a bursary we i can go study at uwc i would be honoured to go study further..

    • shireen,

      you need to apply to any bursary you feel you can win by going online to the bursary sponsors website and printing off their form to fill out and send back in to them; or directly online to them.

  3. i am looking for a company that will pay for for my studies i am curently studing at wits

  4. I am looking for a undergraduate buesary in economics (diploma) thanks

  5. i’m lookin for mechanical engineering bursary, i have NCV level4 engineering and related design and grade12

  6. I need to make my studies in south africa as an accountant l am a holder of certificate in financial accountancy but its my desire to be chartered accountant

  7. i am looking for btech bursary

  8. Hi to everyone i really do nid those applicayion form busary ,How can i find them?

    • Mmathapelo,

      most bursary programs can be applied to online or in person (which you’d would be given the forms to fill out and turn in). Many bursary sponsors choose the online method because it’s easier for both applicant and sponsor.

  9. want to further ma studies

  10. i need financial assistance,a bursary, my parents are’nt working. I am currently at DUT, and i owe a full course amount, please, anyone who can assist me?

  11. i apply this barsary as im in (TUT) studing (infomation technology) i need help in finances.im a first year student also are hard worker.my family didnt afford to pay fees so i requir your help

    • ndzalama,

      you may want to set an appointment with the FinAids manager at TUT to discuss specific student aid options for you.




    • AMINA,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for. Read more about UNISA bursaries.

  13. I need an application form to apply .post it to the following post adress P .O box 52016 Osizweni 2952

    • Ntokozo,

      Apply! Apply! Apply! – you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. Go directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for

  14. i am 20 years and completed my matric 2010 (with what is now called diploma). i want to further my studies an i want to do human resource management or information technology at any university of technology in south africa. coul you please assist

    • milot,

      try your own government student aid programs firstly and then talk with your FinAids manager at your university to see what graduate type programs you can qualify for..

  15. I am the first year student at university of Zululand doing BA Correctional studies I want you to help me with finance to further my studies

    • Thobeka,

      we write about popular bursary programs and explain what they are about and how you can go about getting them. My best advice is to seek out your own government bursary programs firstly since they are the easiest to apply to and get. They are need based. Then apply to private ones next. If you are interested in attending school in Canada you may want to apply to their bursary programs. They will take out of country students and provide them with bursaries. Go to their government website to apply to Canadian bursaries.

  16. I am a postgraduate at a University of KwaZulu Natal, studying toward Public Policy. so I would appreciate your consideration of offering me a bursary or scholarship

    • S’phamandla,

      I would apply to your own governments bursary programs firstly; especially the field you are going into. Most governments have bursaries specifically for what you are studying.

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