University of Johannesburg Bursaries

university of johannesburg bursaries
UJ Bursaries

For students interested in attending the University of Johannesburg, bursaries are available to assist with defraying the cost of attendance and many times will determine if a student attends college or not. UJ bursaries or scholarships, can help to significantly reduce the cost to obtain a university degree. All eligible registered students are automatically considered for UoJ bursaries or merit scholarships. It should be noted that only South African citizens may apply to receive an undergraduate bursary for the University of Johannesburg. Postgraduate bursaries may also be awarded to all students; both South African citizens and foreign students.

NRF bursaries

One of the UJ bursaries, students may wish to consider apply for is through the National Research Foundation. This is the major research funding agency in South Africa which provides grants to researchers who are undertaking research projects in addition to university bursaries to support honors, master’s and doctoral students. The NRF bursaries may comprise a research project of at least 50%.

Two types of student financial support are available through the NRF. They are free-standing fellowships scholarships and grantholder-linked bursaries and assistantships. To be eligible to receive either type of bursary, students must be enrolled in a full-time study program. The NRF Honors/BTech Scholarship is available to South African citizens enrolled full-time and has a value of R20 000. The Department of Labour Scarse Skills scholarship is for full-time honors/BTech study at UJ. This UJ bursary is also available for specific fields of study, including Accounting, Actuarial Sciences,
Agricultural Sciences, Auditing, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Demography, Engineering, Financial Management, Geology, Information Systems, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Statistics, Tourism and Transportation Studies. It has a value of R30 000.

UJ bursaries for disabled students

There is also a Department of Labor Scarce Skills bursary available for individuals with disabilities. This bursary is only applicable to students with disabilities that are specified within the Code of Good Practice on Employment of People with Disabilities and the Employment Equity Act. For full-time study, this bursary has a value of R30 000.For part-time study, the scholarship has a value of R8 000.

UJ bursaries for South African citizens and permanent residents

The Innovation scholarship for Honors/BTech study at the UJ is available to South African citizens as well as permanent residents. It is only available for full-time study and certain fields of study. This scholarship has a value of R35 000. The NRF Grantholder-linked Student Assistantship is available to full-time students who are South African citizens. Nominations must be made by NRF. The value for Final Year undergraduate full-time students is R8 000. The value for full-time honors students is R15 000. The deadline to apply for NRF bursaries is August 15th.

UJ bursaries for Olympiads

There are also other University of Johannesburg bursaries available to interested students, including bursaries to winners of subject Olympiads. Gold medal winners of the subject Olympiads who enroll full-time at UJ as first-year students will receive a one-time bursary with a value of R5 000. Silver medal winners of the subject Olympiads who enroll full-time at UJ as first-year students will receive a one-time bursary with a value of R3 500. Students must apply to receive this bursary by completing a UJ bursary application form.

UJ merit bursaries

The Honors Merit Bursary is available to students who enroll as first-time students in a full-time Honors/BTech fourth year professional degree program in the following fields: Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Financial Services, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, Faculty of Law or Faculty of Management. A full bursary will only be awarded once. To receive a R6 000 value bursary, students must have a 70 to 74% average. University of Johannesburg bursaries with a value of R8 000 are also available to students who have at least a 75% average. Students who study in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment who have an average of at least 65% in their majors during the third year of their study may also qualify for a student assistantship of R4 000. This assistantship requires at least four hours assistance weekly within the relevant department.

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  1. Need help financialy to carry on with my studies. I’m a first year student doing electrical engineering at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

    1. Sizwe,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for.

    1. Ntombi,
      we do not sponsor bursaries but only write about some good ones to apply to. Talk to your FinAids office at a college you may want to attend to see what programs they have to apply for which you may be a good fit for you. Also apply to your country/government bursaries.

      Search for YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE. Then search for BURSRIES once there.

  2. exactly how many points will i need to apply for teaching and a busary? if i do qualify,at which campus will i be able to study at?

  3. greetings:

    i’m in need of a financial scheme to fund my studies.the university disappointed me when they told me that NSFAS is closed for this year;And well I was promised NSFAS bursary when applying at UJ

    1. kgaugelo,

      you must take the time to apply to your government and private bursaries to see if you qualify for them. This is the only way to get them.

    1. msizi,

      you must apply to find out if you qualify. What do you need it for? I would direct this question to the sponsor of the bursary program of any bursary firstly before applying for it.

  4. I would like to know if whether there are still more bursary application forms available for a UJ applicant under the Faculty of Economic and Financial Science and if so, please specify the company/organisation and the closing date. Or can you please send me a link on where I would find bursaries.

    Mahlogonolo Moele

  5. i am a student at University of Johannesburg (SWC). im looking for a bursary can you please help me. im doing diploma in accounting

    1. yamkela,

      you want to apply to bursaries in the FinAids office at the UOJ. Then apply for government bursaries through your government.

  6. Hi, i applied at UJ for teaching and have been accepted for my first year but iam not balanced financial, what can i do / is the any busary i may apply for??

    1. sbongile,

      apply to some of your government bursary programs which almost always have teaching related bursary awards – best bet!

  7. Hi,I obtained an average of 75% in my final matric result.I’v just been accepted for Law faculty. How do I apply for the merit bursary??

  8. i really desperate for bursary, i passed my matric very well and i got admision in faculty of economics and financial to study Bcom Finance. Help to further my studies

    1. JIm,

      apply to bursaries to find out if you can get them. Try your own government bursary programs first since they are easier to apply to and win.

        1. Jim,

          you must go to YOUR own government educational website and search for: ‘bursries’. This is where you find government bursaries for your own country. If you are interested in studying in Canada, then go to their government educational website and search for bursaries their. By the way, Canada will provide bursary programs for out of country students who ‘study in Canada’. Read more at: Canadian bursaries and scholarships.


  10. I am Nonkululeko Grace Mthembu. A student from University of Johannesburg, I have a BSc degree in Mathematical sciences specialising in Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, I am currently doing an honours degree in BSc Applied Mathematics.

    I would really love to attend the function on the 17th of March 2016. I have attached my CV.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

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