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When considering what is out there and available for students in the form of bursaries for 2011, it can be difficult to wade through the immense amount of material on the matter. Students may want to know what the best sources of funding are around their area so that they can apply to those places as early as possible, or may be looking for 2011 bursaries available in their field. While applying to the top bursaries for 2011 is never a bad idea, students should realize that these sources are normally quite competitive and should not consider them as the end all be all of funding student opportunities. That being said, the top bursaries for 2011 are going to vary depending on your geographic location, and in some areas, like in Canada and the United Kingdom, are going to be identified based on what province or school you are attending. In Canada the Millennium Bursary program represents one of the more widely sought after programs, and in the UK individual schools often run specific bursary programs for their students. South African students will want to look at the 2011 Sasol bursaries and CETA engineering bursary programs, both available for students who are really interested in engineering as a career choice.

If you are a resident of Canada you will find that a wide variety of Canadian bursaries are offered in 2011. A good place to get a quick list of available 2011 bursaries would be from a financial aid office in your province or specific university, but the internet is also a valuable source in finding available lists. Few places on the web have nearly as comprehensive a list as does ScholarshipsCanadian.com. This website provides bursaries for 2011. One of the top bursary programs in Canada, offered every year since 2000, is the Millennium Bursary program which offers a number of funding opportunities for various purposes.

While the basic bursary program in 2011 is for students in great need of financial aid, the heavily competitive merit-based bursary program is quite robust and always looking for new students to fund. This is an incredible bursary program available again in 2011, and any native students who are heavily involved in community programs, have displayed strong leadership characteristics and have a history of strong academic achievement should consider applying to the program.

Finding top 2011 bursaries in the UK is not always as cut and dry as it is in South Africa or even Canada. While there are several national programs offered, many bursaries for 2011 are going to be found individually at your school or region be it Scotland, Wales or mainland England. In 2010, the BBC reported that many of the “top schools” in the United Kingdom offer fewer bursary programs, so if you are a student at a less prestigious (but certainly still quality) institution in 2011, you should be pleased that you have substantially more options likely available to you.

Bursary lists which will indicate to you what 2011 bursaries are available at your college or in your region should be available on your school website, and if they are not, should be available at the local bursary office or in the department you are specifically working in.

Getting a list of top bursaries for 2011 is never going to be easy. It is going to depend heavily on what fields you are in and the country in which you reside. Never let this deter you however – always continue to dig and find the top programs in your region. Remember to consult the national bursary programs available to you in the UK and Canada, and definitely look for career-focused 2011 bursaries in South Africa. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground, making sure to pay attention especially to those programs which will assist you the most in your upcoming years of educational needs.

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    1. lerato,

      you must apply first. The application is the first step for any bursary program. Contact the sponsor directly of any bursary you feel you may qualify for to submit an bursary application. There is not one form for all bursaries but each one has their own form because they have different qualifying criteria.

    1. bulelani,

      you must go to the sponsor of the bursaries website to apply directly. There are hundreds of bursaries sponsored by hundreds of various companies and government entities. There is not just one application to apply for all the bursaries which exist today.

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