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Engineering is an exciting and diverse field allowing students with a firm grounding in mathematics to apply their understanding to practical applications. Engineering bursaries can help these students get along to their chosen career by offering financial assistance. After applying for more generally applicable bursaries and scholarships, a student may still find themselves coming up short and looking for further ways to fund their schooling, and in this case it may be wise to start looking at field specific engineering bursaries.

There are programs available to fit general engineering degrees or more specific bursaries for engineering available for civil or even electrical engineers. It may take a bit of digging, but once you start looking available engineering bursaries will start to come out of the wood work. Depending on your geographic location, different programs are going to be available, but you should take the time to investigate each one carefully and apply where you meet the given criteria.

Colleges in the United Kingdom will often have available individual bursary programs based on departments at the school. The University of Bath, for example, is offering up 20 awards in 2011 for chemical and biochemical engineering, giving 2,000 pounds for students accepted into the program. This engineering bursary is available to international students at the University of Bath who have applied to their chemical or biochemical engineering programs and have achieved an A level in mathematics. Applying to the chemical engineering bursary will happen automatically when students choose the University of Bath as their choice school and fill out the relevant forms. While this example may not carry over to all universities in the United Kingdom, your individual school of choice will likely have bursaries in engineering available as well through similar methods, and it is important for any student looking for financial aid to consult with their program department for information on bursaries available.

As with many other locales, students in South Africa have many bursary options for engineering available to them. The Construction Education and Training Authority has several bursaries for engineering available to students in 2011 seeking bachelor degrees. Those students looking to major in civil engineering will find the CETA engineering bursary welcome aid. It provides for R3500 which can be used to pay for tuition, books and rooming expenses. Applications for 2011 are due by September 30, but students should be aware that competition for CETA engineering bursaries is high. According the CETA website, 70% of applications meet the minimum requirements for the program, so setting yourself apart through more qualitative means will likely make or break your application’s potential. Students attempting to apply for this engineering bursary should have high marks in science and mathematics while also showing a financial need. Further, students should be between the ages of 16 and 35 with extra weight being given to those applicants seeking degrees in engineering fields especially needed by construction firms in South Africa. The last portion of requirements will be incredibly important in setting yourself apart from other applicants, so be sure to investigate where your interests truly lie before applying.

Engineering bursaries are ready and available for your application. Students should investigate all available funding opportunities and nail down where their interests are focused, as there are bursaries in engineering available in multiple fields. Regardless of where you are, checking with your college of choice or contacting your local bursary office will help you narrow down and identify important funding opportunities. As with any process involving a need for financial aid, it is always in the best interest of the student to start looking as early as possible. While the CETA bursary has a late deadline, it is not uncommon for bursary deadlines to be much earlier in the year, and students starting their search late may find they do not have the time to complete the necessary forms.

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  20 Responses to “Engineering Bursaries for Engineering College Students”

  1. My son Jabulisile Lencelort Marshall has passed grade 12 with DISTINCTION and has enrolled for CHEMICAL ENGENEERING at the University of Western Cape. The difficulty is in getting a bursary for him, I still experience that challenge though my son has already started with studies and I will not be able to sustain his dreams. He has no problem whether he gets to study over seas as long as he is going to continue his studies.

  2. do you also give burseries for advertising and marketing or graphic design

    • Ondela,

      I recommend that you contact advertising and marketing or graphic design companies to inquire into those specific bursary programs in the area of where you live. Contacting your government bursary programs is always the best plan of action firstly.

  3. i am hereby applying for a bursary because i dont have a place to stay and getting a bursary will help me focus on my studies because iI will be settlrd with everything.

  4. I passed my grade 12 on 2009 and i wanted to do engineering but i didnt because my physics was not good.last year i did foundation programme @ukzn and i got 3 merit certificates(maths,physics,chem) hoping dat i’m gonna engineering but i did not because of financial problems n i end up doing appl.chem which i dont like.is there an opportunity for me to get your financial assistance?if there is plz help me, i wanna do what i like to do

    • Mbina amanda,

      you must apply to find out. You must apply directly to the sponsor of the bursary directly to summit an application to find out if you qualify. Contacting them through their contact page is a good first step to see if you even have a chance based on the above.

      • hy amanda ,i also want to do science foundation programme at ukzn bt am struggling financialy ,so am asking 4 ur advice plz

        • curtis,

          set up an appointment with the FinAids office at ukzn to discuss your financial aids options. Ask about all bursaries, grants and student need based programs which you can apply to NOW.

  5. I am looking for bursary since i started to attend university of johannesburg. I apply different bursaries and i dont have any respond

  6. I matriculated last year and I passed my matric but i I did not meet the requirements in maths and science to get a bursary, now Iam upgrading them at college and I want to know if there are any chances that if i pass them and meet the requirements is there any bursary that can take me? and I want to do civil engineering next year.

    • Jacobeth,

      I don’t see why not. Look for all companies that specialize in your field and contact them via website, email or phone to find out how to apply to their bursaries program. I would ask your question to your COLLEGE for they should be able to give you the accurate answer to it.

  7. I knw its very difficult to get any form of bursary lately and its compulsary.But if some of the bursary applicants are offered part-time jobs instat.I am look 4 a job at spoornet so that i can pay my Electrical engeneering course(N3)

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  9. My daughter is a top student and have been the top student of her grade for the past five years, she received two golden awards for achieving 100% pass rate for the entire year’s test and exam papers she wrote on Science and Maths. Her year average for all 9 subjects is 97.5%. I don’t have the financial means to let her study and am looking for bursaries to let her study.

    • Eddie,

      have her apply to as many bursary programs as she can which interest her. With her good qualifications she should land a bursary; if she applies to them. Apply directly to any of them by going to the bursary sponsors website.

  10. I’m a 22 year old and unemployed,I would like to get a bursary for fitting and turning. I have level 2 for fitting and turning ncv and I dropped out of college because of financial problems at home.

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