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Like with scholarships, bursaries are designed to meet many diverse needs, and it is not uncommon to find them offered for specific fields. Teaching bursaries for future teachers are one such example of this, being bursaries establish explicitly to provide financial assistance to those students looking to become teachers. For students interested in teaching as a career, there are a plethora of options available to them when it comes to bursaries for teaching, so they should start looking early and apply when they find programs whose criteria they fit.

As with bursaries offered by governments or private institutions, teacher bursaries are designed to help those who can display they have the merits for investing funds into. This will very normally take the form of academic progress, requiring students to have good marks, and a clear dedication to the field. It will not be uncommon for teaching bursary programs to require students to repay any invested aid if they do not complete the education or for some other reason do not capably live up to the bursaries expectations.

Teaching bursaries can come in many forms, so it is incredibly important for students to peruse both eligibility and bursary acceptance requirements. Some institutions may require students to work in their institutions after graduation. These sorts of bursaries in teaching may cover large portions of college fees, and will likely be highly sought after through private groups. More commonly, though, teaching bursaries are offered publicly by governments or college institutions. Money for teachers bursary programs is always limited, so competition from other interested students is likely to be high. As a result, and as with almost all bursary systems, it is important for students to be able to set themselves apart either by volunteering at tutoring programs or finding other, more unique methods of clearly showing a passion for teaching. Though your career interests and volunteer programs will not be the only thing swaying a selection committee, it is part of the overall process and should not be ignored.

Other criteria will involve grades, citizenship and previous academic progress. As teaching bursaries get more specific, such as the Newfoundland Language Teaching Bursary, they may require that students focus their academic pursuits to specific classes which reflect their likely teaching path. This program offers up to $3,000 dollars over six weeks and requires that the student be a current teacher as well as a resident of Newfoundland. Applications are due by March 6.

Some of the easiest teaching bursaries are those offered by the government. They are not only the most publically available but are also the easiest to find. In South Africa the Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary program offered by the Department of Basic Education funds both undergraduate and graduate studies based on nationally set education priorities. For 2011, the priorities range from African and English languages through math to technological applications. The application deadline for the Funza Lushaka Bursary is November 15, 2011 and applicants must be residents of South Africa.

Canada, as with its entire bursary program, may have different Canadian bursaries available based on the region in which a student lives. The above example of the Newfoundland Language Teachers Bursaries is only available to students in school in the province of Newfoundland, and other provinces will have their own programs to offer. However, Canada offers a really easy bursary application program as a single form filed at your local bursary office will automatically apply to all bursary programs you may be eligible for. If you are a student interested in teaching as a career, it will be important to note that on your bursary application form. Separate teachers bursaries may be available in your region that are not handled by your local bursary office, in which case you will want to apply directly to that organization based on their eligibility requirements.

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  1. i request application for for this sponsor and i study b com economics in university of zululand

    • sifiso,

      contact them directly for their bursary application and submit it to them.

  2. I am the student in the university of limpopo,i came from disadvantages background in which no one at home who is formally employed or could afford to pay for my fees

    • Ntsoane,

      start to apply firstly with government bursaries since these are the easiest to win. You must apply to most bursaries online, or print off their form online to fill out and send back.

  3. To whom it may concern

    My name is Tracy Lee Baughan and I am currently studying for a B.Ed degree at UWC, first year. I would like to find out how I should go about applying for a bursary and getting information relating to an application. I am still waiting for my first semester results but I know I did well and had an excellent pass in matric at Livingstone. My father and family are currently just about paying for my fees but due to financial difficulties we are struggling and might not be able to cover the rest of this year and definitely not next year.

    I would appreciate any assistance, advice and / or information that could be of help to me.

    Thanking You Humbly

  4. I would like to apply for a bursary for 2011 and 2012. I am currently doing my B. ed Honours in counselling. I am working as a permanent teacher in Western Cape.


  6. I request an application fdor from this sponsor an to be sent in the ff address PO BOX 889 PORT EDW3ARD 4295

    • unathi,

      most bursary programs can be applied to via online from the website of the organization who is sponsoring the bursary. They do this to eliminate paperwork. Apply to as many online bursary programs as you can.

      • Hy my name is stephina baloyi I could lyk 2 be a teacher so I wish 2 get a bursary that will pay all my fees coz family cnt afford 2 pay 4 me

        • stephina,

          apply to your government bursaries firstly and then your college bursary programs. These are always the easiest and best first steps.

  7. i request application for this sponsor and i am currently doing nothing. i wuold like to persure my career in bed foundation phase

    • azwindini,

      go directly to their website to apply online. If you have questions on this send them an email via their contact page.

  8. i kindly request an application for this bursary and i m currentky at tshwane universty of technology and i will to be part of this bursary since my folks dnt have money. 0768288948 thats my number

    • skhumbuzo,

      the links are in the article for you to click on and apply. Most bursaries can be applied to online. You must go directly to those sites to apply.

  9. I am a student at UniZulu.Im doing my first year at B.Ed.I am also looking for any bursary or sponsor that can help me.

  10. […] courses that are either currently teaching in Wales or plan to after graduation. There are also teaching bursaries available for students who are entering graduate studies offered through the employment based […]

  11. am computer literate and have complited Abet Level 4 and i need a busary so can i apply with my qualifications?

    • johanna,

      appy to any bursary program which your qualifications seem to match. Bursaries from the government are a perfect first start. Always direct your concerned questions to the bursary sponsor first before filling out their applications to make sure; via their email contact webpage normally found on all websites today.

  12. i have been selected to BeD FET phase at UJ but my parent can not aford to pay my fees may you please help me find a bursary to make sure that next year i am studing.

  13. I would like to request a bursary to continuo with my study.I am currently doing B.ED (EDUCATION) at Tshwne University of Technology,2012 is my second year.

    • sabelo,

      Make an appointment wit the FinAids office at the Tshwne University to inquire about all student aid that you can apply for. New student aid gets updated monthly at all colleges.

  14. im a BEd student who would like to get a financial assitant

    • mpho,

      Start with your government bursaries firstly then move on to college and company sponsored programs.

  15. I am currently a first year BED student at CPUT. I have applied online for a bursary at Funza Lusaka but have not received any correspondence from them. I would like to know if my application was successful,so would you kindly supply me with an email address for them.I would also like to know if it is too late to apply for other educational bursaries for this year.

  16. I’ve applied for a bursary since 2003 but no luck, it is not because i dont pass well i do work hart but until today no luck i dont have money to pay for my fees. Why me? what have i done to deserve this. People are failing but they get help and some have money but they have bursaries.

  17. Hi Im 33 years old and have been working with youth for more than six years (church/comunity) and only realise now what it is I want to do ‘TEACHING!!! ”

    Where can I apply for bursary?

    hope someone can help me

  18. I am a strong and healthy energetic 50 plus woman who has a passion for young children and a love for the English language. I also have a burden to teach english to young illiterate children. possibly parents too. I would like to spend the rest of my life making a difference in South Africa. Could you inform me of a way to study and get a bursary,. I am more than willing to repay by working in whatever place is required of me for however long, as long as I am impacting lives, I appreciate a response. Thanking You Mrs Dianne Gough.

    • Dianne,

      contact the educational offices of the South Africa government and direct this question to them. Also contact the educational government offices of where you live to inquire there too.

  19. Hellow my name is Zakithi,I am doing a firt year BED STUDENTat University of Johanneburg.I request an APPLICATION FORM for this bursary.I will be glad if you can prvide me with one because Iam passionate about my studies, but financial problems is hindering me.

    Yours faithfully


    • bongokwakhe,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify. Apply to your own government bursary programs as well as through your college.

  21. I want a teaching or social work barsary bt I have 22 points minus life orientation do I qualify if I qualify which is the next step to follow

    • Hloniphile,

      you should look into your own government bursary programs. Gov bursary programs normally have teaching bursary programs.

  22. my name is mathemba nkosi and iam studying at university of zululand PUBLIC RELATIONS but i actually want to study teaching but i only have 27 pionts…and i qualify for a diploma……what should i do? please help me……pease email me….

    • mathemba,

      you want to apply to your very own government website. Go to it and go to the educational link and search for bursaries teaching.

  23. My name is lindelani mhlongo I have finished my matric last year, but I couldn’t go through university or any college because of financial problem


    • joe,

      apply to your very own Government bursary programs which normally have teaching bursaries.


  26. Hi my name is thandi. I am currently doing BED at central university of technology and I would like to apply for a bursary…How do I get one?

    • NTSANE,

      you must apply for them directly with the bursary sponsor. You may want to apply to your government bursaries first since they are easier to get.

      We do not offer bursaries but write about where you can apply for them.


    • ayanda,

      have you looked into your government bursary programs. Most government programs have student aid for teachers.

  28. Hi i am a student at unisa busy with my 1st year. I’m doing a bachelor’s degree in teaching my dad is struggling to pay my fees due to he being the only one who work i really need a bursary to complete my studies. Can anyone help me?

    • tanya,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. I would apply to your government bursary programs firstly. They usually have teaching bursaries to apply to and are easier to obtain.

  29. Hy my Name Is Winie I just want to know that should I qualify to study teaching since I have ABET Level 4 pls ineed help ineed to study teaching anyone who can help me.

    • Winie,

      you should look into your own government bursary programs because most have teaching bursaries you can apply to.

  30. im doing teaching at university of Zululand ,EMS and LO how can I get funds to pay for my studies

    • inomusa,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. Apply to your government bursary programs first since they are easier to apply and get. Then apply to college sponsored ones by going into the financial aids office of your college to see which ones are right for you.

  31. I want financial assistance I am doing 2nd year B.Ed at University of Fort Hare, to be specific a bursary

    • Aphelele,

      You can apply to any bursary you want to. If you don’t apply; you’ll never know if you qualify. Look into your own government bursary programs too!

  32. hi my name is Angel

    Iwant to do teching . what i want to know about admistration fees . i am living at sebokeng at vaal

  33. What to apply for a teaching bursary

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