Telkom Bursaries are Private

Telkom is a the largest communications company located in Africa, and offers a series of Telkcom bursaries to students looking for financial assistance in particular fields. Specifically, a Telkom bursary is available to students looking to major in engineering, computer science and marketing. Though open to all students of any background, Telkom bursaries are reserved first for those students that show a high proficiency in English communication and require that students have a strong academic history. It is available for students in the last year of secondary education for those preparing to enter college or students who are already enrolled at a university and are looking for additional funding.

Every year between three and four thousand students apply to the Telkom bursary program, out of which on average 20 awards are given. Funding amounts are around R95000 per year and provides for tuition, living arrangements, food and transportation. Students receiving Telkom bursaries are required to work at the company for four or five years after graduation. Telkom bursary application forms open on the first of March each year and are due by July 31.

Clearly this is a well sought after South African bursary program, as it funds an immense amount of college costs with a fair work exchange with Telkom after graduation. Historically, those receiving the awards are from disadvantaged backgrounds all over South Africa. The program has a 100% success rate, indicating that Telkom has invested well in students who are committed to graduation and finding a career in their chosen fields.

From all of this, students should know that it will not be easy to get the Telkom bursary award, but that should not stop them from applying. If you are truly passionate about marketing, engineering or computer science and are in sincere financial need, you should absolutely stop in and apply for the program. However, students planning to apply for the Telkom bursary program should plan far before they plan to head off to college. Those who apply before heading off to college need to have capably passed their matric examinations, with varying requirements based on which specific field you are entering. Any student already in college looking to apply for the Telkom bursary should be aware that they need an incredibly clean academic record, as every category requires that no failed courses or subjects appear on your records.

Finding funding for school can be difficult at times, and it is easy to get lost along the way. Fortunately in South Africa, a combination of business and government bursaries are available. The Telkom bursary is perhaps one of the better examples of excellent privately offered scholarships. With its retention and graduation rates it is difficult to argue with their results. Students are clearly encouraged to perform well, and since they are largely taken care of by the R95000 offered by the bursary effectively, they can focus entirely on their studies instead of worrying about finding a job to support themselves along the way.

Because of the amount offered, it is no surprise that Telkom has such high standards for their students, and failure to adhere to these standards will put a student in a position where funding may be temporarily withheld, and they may find themselves responsible for repaying the invested amount. It is for this reason that the Telkom bursary is only for students of a passionate nature. If you are not entirely serious about your education or are not sure where you want to wind up with your career you will not want to enter into an agreement with Telkom. If, however, you have a real zeal for your chosen profession and know that you are capable of completing your obligations both to Telkom and your academy, then the Telkom bursaries are something you should consider and start filling out the Telkom bursaries application form today!

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  1. for me it would be a wonderful pleasure to be granted TELKOM BURSARY BECAUSE i am disperatly need it,and this is my larst hope and efort on hurnting financial assistant.What can i do in order to put my self in a chance to be granted for this bursary

    1. philani,

      Also go to The Davis Scholarship Program.

      Contacting the financial aids office of the college you are interested in attending is always a top first step for they will offer you up to date information on programs new to their college for student aid.

      Make an appointment with a college (FINANCIAL AIDS OFFICE) in your area which you are interested in attending to discuss your options and to assess your situation. Contact your state/province department of education for assistance too.

  2. hi i just want to know that can i be able to apply for a busary when studying at a private college or institution? plz i am a no one student i pass with distinction at my college and im poor my family is strugling,

  3. Greetings,i’m 1 of the students who r in need of financial assistance.i’v passd my matric in 2010 and bcz of money i ddnt go 2 university,i intnd 2 study at UP doing mechanical engineering since i hv level 7 in math and 6 in phys.

    1. Seodi,

      I would concentrate on applying to government bursaries and others as well. Talk to your FinAids office at the college/university to see what the latest new bursaries they have available.

  4. i would like to know ifdo you offer any bursaries for students studying Building?? i have financial problems..thank you

  5. I am Lubabalo, I’m studying at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, I am doing my first year in Information Technology (Communication Networks), I’m financial needy, I’m requesting financial assistance. I am about to pay for my tuition fees, I won’t pay because I don’t money, the sad thing is that, if I don’t pay on time I will be charged interest. With your help I can get out of this situation.

    Kind Regards
    Lubabalo Ndzabe.

    1. Lubabalo,

      unfortunately we do not sponsor bursary programs and you must apply to them as you find them. The first place to apply are your very own government bursaries which are the easiest to apply to and get. Contact then via their website.

  6. Hi, I need help in finding a bursary that will cover a student doing Bcom Accounting at a private university. It will be much appreciated.

    1. karabo,

      you may call any place which sponsors a bursary program to see if they will take your application over the phone but most will require you to submit an application online at their website.

  7. hi i really need financial asistant, im currently doing grade 12 and i dont want to sit at home next year can you help me find a bursary that would cover electrical engineering

    1. Selma N.Hamushila,

      we do not sponsor bursaries but only write about some good ones to apply to. Talk to your FinAids office at a college you may want to attend to see what programs they have to apply for which you may be a good fit for you. Also apply to your country/government bursaries.

      Search for YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE. Then search for BURSRIES once there.

  8. HELO im studing at rosebank college doing deploma in information technology management im going to do my second year this 2013, i desparatly in need of a bursary please help

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