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If you are a student looking for financial aid and are interesting in pursuing a career in nursing you may find that you are in luck through nursing bursaries. As a career in heavy demand, bursaries for nursing are available in many sizes for a diverse set of people seeking degrees in the field. While what is available will largely depend on where you are located around the world where bursaries are available, you can rest easy knowing that in all likelihood there is something you will be able to make use of.

As with many bursary programs, bursaries in nursing are commonly related to financial need, and some will require service post-graduation, but these facts should not be surprising to anybody who has been looking for financial aid. Canada offers a plethora of programs through individual universities and localities. These programs will be available depending on what province you are from and general academic progress. The United Kingdom offers a limited set of nursing bursaries through the National Health Service as well as through their individual regions.

While the NHS nursing bursary will be available nationally, additional funding options will be available depending on where in the country you are attending school. South Africa offers a limited set of bursaries for nursing though awardees of both public and private offerings will normally find their entire education being funded. The one important thing to know about nursing bursaries in South Africa is that they often require graduating students to work for the government or business providing that financial aid after graduation.

Canada is a great place to go to school as they offer an incredible amount of bursary programs depending on where you live and what school you are attending. These programs range in funds from as low as $500 to as high as $2,000. A quick internet search regarding nursing bursaries available in Canada finds over 700 programs totaling more than 400 thousand dollars overall.

Nursing bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students exist, with the former typically netting a greater award. As tends to be the case in Canada, applications for bursaries in nursing are typically going to occur at the same time students are applying for other student bursaries, and a single form from your local bursary office will automatically enroll you for consideration in any program you are eligible for. The earlier you apply the more programs you will be available for, making January 22, 2011 the earliest you should start submitting.

The United Kingdom’s system, though in many ways lacking the ease of Canada’s single application design, still has a number of bursary programs available for students. Apart from the nationally offered NHS nursing bursary, England also has several regionally offered programs such as the Nursing and Midwifery Student Bursary (NMSB) offered in Scotland. This program offers 5,845 pounds to students under 26 years old and 6,580 pounds for those over 26 along with other varying amounts dependant on your marital/family status. Conveniently, when you apply for a nursing or midwifery course in Scotland, you will automatically be sent the forms necessary to apply for the scholarship, which you should fill out before the start of your term in September.

Nurses are important in the healthcare industry, and you should know that there are numerous methods of helping you achieve your career goals through nursing bursary programs. Regardless of where students are going to school, financial aid for future nurses is certainly available, and you should start your search at your local bursary office your university. If you have the passion and can show a financial need, you will almost certainly be eligible for many of the nursing bursary programs offered and you should apply for any that you can make the cut for. Just be sure to maintain your commitment to the field as you progress through school less you find yourself suddenly cut off from funding due to failing grades.

South African Bursaries for South Africa Students

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  1. my name is lorraine and i need a bursarie as i want to study nursing as first year student and i doesnt matter if i do it at varsity or via netcare trainnig. the importnat thing for me is to get the qualification

  2. i need nursing learnership

  3. I would like u sponsor me with a busary my dream is on nursing

  4. since 2007 after i passed my matric been interestd of bein a SOCIAL WORKER i never get to it due to i’m not fanancial stable so it that how my dream of helping the community never come true.

    I’ at Maphumulo

  5. Wat qualification mst i hv. To gt the busary for nursing?

  6. my names are antony kasyoki, competed my o level and my dreams are to pursue nursing so that i may assist the sick. am kindly requesting for a bursury so that i may acomplish my dreams.

  7. Hi I’m veliswa currently working as Enrolled Nurse Auxiliary and now would like to study nursing further at a college so I would like to know were can I apply for. Bursary please
    Looking forward to your Response

  8. Am interested in the Nursin programme sponsored by the government, its a 4year programme and Ann Lartsky n Bara Hospital will be the place where students will be taught … Problem is we can’t get the Forms anywhere, should register in the schools and apply in The Departnment of Labour that we interested in Nursing…

  9. hi,i am mapula i have finished my matric in 2008 now i want to apply for a bursary,i am looking foward to hear from you a.s.a.p please

    • mapula,

      we do not sponsor bursary programs – only write about some really good ones. Best advice is to apply into your gov bursary programs.

  10. m currently studing nursing 2nd year. i need a bursary plz help.

    • gomolemo,

      apply to some of the ones in the article. Also apply firstly to your gov bursary programs since they are easiest to get. We do not sponsor bursaries.

  11. my name is makgobane and i need a bursary for nursing i wil be stating my classes by june 2012.

    • makgobane,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for.

  12. how does one apply to gov bursary programs?

  13. I am qualified 4 a diploma,so is it posible 4 me 2 do nursing?

  14. Hi I’m currently studying as a Pupil auxiliary nurse and I would love to go further. Is it possible to continue my studies overseas and is it possible to qualify to study further say in UK with their offered bursaries?

  15. I ve got diploma in human resource management with no job want to become a nurse pls help I don’t know if I qualify for a bursary

  16. Oh can you plz send me application form of nursery bursary,cnt wait
    1505 lwezi str,new extention
    dundee 3000

    • Sbusiso,

      we do not offer bursaries but only write about them so students can discover them and apply to them. You must apply directly via the bursary sponsors website.

  17. hi im Marcia im studying nursing at a university, I NEED a bursary to complete my course. Im a second year currently

    • Marcia,

      apply to as many as you can and start with your government/country bursary programs firstly via the educational department, then the private ones (company sponsored). Search for YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE. Then search for BURSRIES once there.

  18. I would like u to sponsor me in nirsing ,nursing is my dream career I will be very happy if you can help me to make my dream come true

    • Nosipho,

      we do not sponsor bursaries but only write about some good ones to apply to. Talk to your FinAids office at a college you may want to attend to see what programs they have to apply for which you may be a good fit for you. Also apply to your country/government bursaries.

      Search for YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE. Then search for BURSRIES once there.

  19. I would appreciate a bursary in nursing or social work please help

    • Nomfundo mofokeng,

      we do not sponsor bursaries but only write about some good ones to apply to. Talk to your FinAids office at a college you may want to attend to see what programs they have to apply for which you may be a good fit for you. Also apply to your country/government bursaries.

      Search for YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE. Then search for BURSARIES once there IN THE EDUCATION section.

  20. im njabulo Ngwenya i want a busary to further my studies of becoming a nurse, i was working at Government as nurse so i felt pregnant so they terminate my training so i want to continue with my diploma

    • nonjabulo,

      look into you very own government bursary programs firstly and apply to them. Secondly; look into private nursing based bursary programs and apply to them. You’ll never know if you qualify for them if you don’t apply to them. Read more at NHS bursaries.

  21. Dear admin I just completed my auxiliary training but lacked funds to continue with my second year for enrolled so I was wondering if I can qualify for a bursary

  22. My name is fezile shembe . I have completed year 2007 . I will like to study auxillary nursing . I’m looking for a busarie if any one can help . I wll be happy thank u .

    • fezile,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them!

      Apply to as many as you feel qualified for!

  23. Dear admin I completed matric last year a but I’m now doing Bcur at the university. I have good academic results and I’m willing to be funded by a bursary due to financial problems. I don’t know if I could be able to continue with my studies because of tuition fees. If anyone could help me I’ll be very pleased

    • Sthembile,

      apply to government bursaries – easy to apply to and and easier to get! See your financial aids office to see what latest bursary programs they have. They are updated every month and will be happy to assist you.

      Unfortunately we do not offer bursary programs; only write about better ones to a apply to.

  24. Dear ADMIN

    My name is Sinah I’m looking for a bursarie for Auxiliary next year, I’m currently doing Ancillary with future nursing school.

    • Makoti,

      you must apply to see if you qualify firstly. Have you looked into government bursaries. Government bursaries may have many health related programs you can apply to.


  26. I’m Phumlani Shange I’ve completed my Financial Management N4, N5 & N6 and i’m doing my inserve in order to get my Diploma and already sent the forms to the Department so i need to Study further if you can help me with Bursary i wiil be happy Thank you

  27. i am an African female of the above mentioned particular , I am the biological mother of mkansi maite, I state under that am a window unemployed I depend on cash money which I receive I R1000-00 per month as I am a dressmaker I have (3) children who all depend on this money , I hope she will be get free bursary to assist her to further her studies

    • fortune,

      I would apply to your own government bursaries first. Then apply to private ones. Government bursaries are easier to get and apply to.

  28. Good day. I am a 20 year old female currently studying nursing at North West university Potchefstroom campus. I applied for the government nursing bursary but unfortunately not enough was issued to accommodate us all. I am really in need of financial assistance and would really appreciate if my request is taken into consideration. Thanking in advance.

    • Tshireletso,

      you must apply to any bursary program you feel you have the qualifications for. You will never know if you qualify for bursaries unless you apply to them.

  29. I am in nursing, I have passed my NQF 4 and would love to study nursing as it’s been my passion but am 45 years old and is looking for a bursary. Thanks

  30. Am jackie from Tanzania. Am in need of funds to pay for my masters in midwifery second year fee, please help.

    • Jackline,

      you must apply directly to the bursary sponsor to see if they have bursaries for applicants whom are getting their masters. Some do allow, and other don’t allow. You must read their bursary guidelines & criteria to see if you can apply to them.

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