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Bursaries for students are necessary for many people who are looking for a way to fund their college education. Depending on where you live, these student bursaries for college are often fairly easy to come by and students should be applying to them as often as they can in order to better their odds in finding financial aid.

Funding opportunities in most countries are normally available from the government, requiring students interested in applying to show that they have a financial need. This is not always the case, however, and private student bursaries for college are also offered by companies interested in exchanging future time worked for aid given now. Students interested in maximizing their chances for funding would be wise to look for and apply for these private bursaries as well.

The opposite is also somewhat common especially in South Africa where, while the government does offer some student bursary programs, a lot of additional financial aid can be located through private companies. Basically, regardless of where you are located, you will likely need to do some sincere looking so that you can find as many programs which you would be eligible for. Remember, that as many of these programs are offered publicly – competition for access to those funds is high, so students should work hard to make sure they have an individual story which will attract selection committees to their bursary applications.

Some student bursay programs for college are designed to work with students of particular backgrounds or in specific fields of interest while others target a more diverse crowd. A good example of bursaries for students which are directed towards a more general audience would be the Canada Millennium Bursary system which awards, on average, $3,000 to students attending school in the country. This student bursary program targets students who are in the greatest financial need, so unless you are involved in a race to the bottom competition for this bursary will be largely over those who need the money the most according to family/individual income. However, more merit based bursary programs are available in the country such as the Millennium Excellence awards, in which students entering post-secondary education for the first time have a chance to compete for access to aid. These awards are given to students who show community involvement, display leadership qualities and have achieved strong academic marks. This is a student bursary program that is widely available for Canadian students and for which competition will be high. Setting yourself apart by being heavily involved in volunteer programs and taking charge in student clubs would be useful methods in preparing to apply for this program.

Student bursaries are a great way to find funding for college education and they are available both publicly and privately. Students should apply to as many as they can find to better maximize their chances of receiving funds. While Canada and the UK offer systems in which students can apply for many programs through a single form, that should not be the end of their search. Though they may receive substantial funding through these sources, it isn’t a sure thing that they will receive funds from every source they are eligible for. Because of this reason, students should consult with companies they are working for or private groups that they may be interested in seeking employment with, looking for private student bursaries they may be able to apply for. Private student bursaries and scholarships often come with a good amount of funding not only for tuition but for living expenses, and in all hopes will offer awarded students with a job after graduation. Planning and applying for these programs at the earliest opportunity will allow students to make the best informed decisions about their future college plans, and will cement them firmly in appropriate planning over last minute rushing.

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  1. i would realy love to get a saol bursary because i know that im gonna do my best in december,and it will even encourage me in my university studies

  2. How can I find the application form of these bursaries

  3. I need barsary application forms for first year nursing students

    • Thembeka,

      applications for a specific bursary such as bursaries for nursing can be be found by going directly to the sponsor of the bursary’s website to apply. Each sponsor has different applications and requirements. There is not one bursary application for all.

  4. My dream is to get better future for my family nd if i finish school dan my dream will cum true bt i dnt have money,so if i cn find barsaries dat would help,plz i realy need to start my life afresh.

    • Jabulile,

      you must apply to all financial aid options including bursaries to find out if you qualify for student aid of some kind. You should make an appointment with a FinAids manager at a college to discuss all programs for you.

  5. I really want to get a bursary,so i could further my studies but dont know were to start.Am doing policing at collage got 7 months left and i cant pay now!

    • CECILIA,

      government bursaries are a good place for you to consider. Visit your FinAids office at you college to discuss your specific situation.

  6. I want to become a computer programmer but i don’t know which bursary is sutable to apply to

  7. I need sponsorship for tuitution fee and living cost in edinburgh because I don’t enough money now.
    What should I do to apply?

  8. I need sponsorship for the course fee In Elacademy Edinburgh and living cost while studying there, because I dont have enough money now. If possible I will work part time while take the course in Edinburgh.
    What should I do to apply for getting sponsorship?

  9. Dear,

    thank you for the respons, if I need scholarship for taking non formal school like english course in the UK how do I know to get it ? It will be okay if after finishing the course I will be ready to work for the company that give me the scholarship.
    Can you help me to know the info?

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  11. I am seriously looking for a bursary to assist me to study law at the university of kwazulu natal. I did not apply for bursaries because my father cannot afford to pay for my university education. My Grade 12 performance has compelled me to look for assistance and I cannot stay at home with 5As.

    I am desperately looking for help. Cell no. 0828769441

  12. Hey, I am desperately looking for a bursary for 2012,I am currently doing my 3rd year in IT, and just realized how hard it is for my parents to help me proceed, I will really appreciate it if u help me get a bursary that will cover me even for my next year studies because I will like to do my honors too, thank u

  13. I’ve registerd in Icesa college and now i want a bursary so that it can pay my needs while my studying I’m going to do information technology please help me.


  15. […] is fairly simple and in most cases straight forward. While South Africa has a number of robust bursary programs for students available, they can sometimes be difficult to identify, especially if they are not directly offered […]

  16. I realy want bursury to persue my study abroad lps look for me to cover all the expencesies thank you.

    • Mekides,

      You must apply to any bursary first to see if you qualify for it. We do not sponsor bursaries but write about those you can apply to. Go directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply. Look int your own government bursaries firstly. Canadian bursaries have the best study abroad bursaries.

      Good luck!

  17. i’m boy who currently utter matric in 2010 and since 2010 i waz looking for a bursary to utter me while me wanted to persue my dream as IT support

    i want to knw how can i get this bursary. . . If it will be possible the assistent will be highly appriciated

    • davhula,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for.

  18. Education is the golden key to success, yes i agree but without institutional fees no child will accomplish h/her dreams.
    I would like to be awarded a sasol bursary because im a sucker for education. Im not brilliant but ive got a couple of brain cells to help me earn myself a couple of distinctions by just working hard. It will be such a great priviledge for me to be granted this bursary n have another opportunity to finish my studies.

  19. I am studying at Cti private institute.Where can i find bursary to further my studies?

    • Raphahlela,

      I would speak to the FinAids office at your school about what you qualify for in terms of student aid. You should apply to your government bursary programs as well as others which you are a good candidate for.

      • How can I get hold of government bursary programs or what is their website? I am studying at Msc Business College doing Technical financial accounting it is a private college.

        • Laudo,

          YOU MUST SEARCH FOR “YOURCOUNTRYNAME WEBSITE”.Once there search for bursaries normally found through the education tab.

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  21. my mom is a single parent who is a teacher with two daughter, i would love to apply for a bursary for a private instituation i am currently attending. i will be doing my second year in diploma in public relations and i really need help. where can i get a bursary for a private institution?

  22. i am a college student studying electrical engeneering. is it possible for me to get a bursary excluding NSFAS?

    • Relebogile,

      apply to any bursary program in which you meet the qualifications. Start with bursaries which your own government provides. Government bursaries are easy to apply to and easier to win. You will never know if you can win a bursary unless you apply to it.

  23. I want to apply for a bursary what must I do _? Help me plz

    • sithembinkosi,

      just apply to any bursary you would like to by going directly to the sponsor of the bursary’s webpage site to apply. Many times the links are in the articles we write, and many times they are not because sponsors tend to change the links from year to year. Look into your own government bursary website as a good start.

  24. I want to apply for bursary for undergraduate in the field of agriculture so how can I do? please help me.

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