Bursary Institute of South Africa Makes Education Affordable

bursary institute of south africa
Bursary Institute of South Africa

The Bursary Institute of South Africa helps to address the educational needs of students in South Africa by providing a bursary program that allows students to save, plan and then pay for educational opportunities throughout South Africa. The Institute has established partnerships with a number of learning institutions and provides students access to a large number of courses through their bursary program. The courses cover diplomas and degrees across a wide array of professions. Once all application requirements have been satisfied, students are guaranteed to receive a bursary. The amount of the bursary may range between 25% and 100%.

By establishing a partnership with numerous training colleges, the Institute is able to offer an extensive array of educational opportunities to meet the diversified needs of students throughout South Africa. The objective of The Bursary Institute of South Africa is to help bridge the current gap between today’s youth, schools and the employment sector. Through a belief that education is still a vital element in obtaining access to employment, improved quality of life, economic prosperity and personal fulfillment, the organization hopes to help achieve growth for all citizens of South Africa.

The Institute also works to provide South African youth with services and information regarding post-matric studies, as well as assistance in decision making regarding what and where they should study. As a result of the Institute’s partnership agreements with educational facilities, students are able to study through a college of their choice.

Cornerstone College offer a number of certificate courses, including a three week programs in call center training, inbound call center training, outbound call center training, call center supervisor training and end user computer training.

Birnam Business College is also a partner of the Institute and offers a long list of diploma courses, including courses in banking and business management, information technology, hair and beauty, human resource management, journalism, marketing, medical administration, public relations, sound engineering, travel and advanced early childhood development.

Students receiving bursaries through the Bursary Institute of South Africa can also choose PC Training and Business College, where they can attend training that lasts from three months, six months, one year, two years and three years while pursuing certificates, diplomas and degrees. Courses include business administration, office administration, system development and system support.

The Platinum Campus offers diplomas in tourism, entrepreneurship, management, and certificates in basic financial life skills and business finance. Other training options include comprehensive computer literacy, database design, C++ programming, policing certificate training, electrical engineering, Microsoft administration, networking technician, hospitality and leisure, accounting, paralegal practice, sport administration, and HIV/Aids counseling and management.

During the post-Apartheid era in South Africa, the education system has experienced significant reforms in order that educational opportunities can be distributed more equitably to all citizens. In spite of improvements made in educational levels and literacy rates, significant numbers of young people continue to leave school each year lacking the critical skills necessary compete for employment. Only approximately 15% of the students who wrote final exams in South Africa in 2007 scored high enough in order to automatically qualify to attend university. Many more students remained at home due to in inability to pay expensive tuition fees. The ultimate goal of the Bursary Institute of South Africa is to fill the skills gap by making post school studies accessible at either a reduced cost or no cost through their bursary program.

Through the Institute’s program, students in South Africa gain the chance to further their studies through an FET college of their own choice by selecting a degree or diploma at a price they can afford. The Bursary Institute of South Africa structures a bursary that is specific to each person’s individual needs. Individuals who failed to graduate or dropped out of school are also provided with the opportunity to gain certain bursaries as well. Some bursaries are available for matric re-writes, financial sector and call center qualifications; where a matric pass may not be required. The balance of fees for a degree or diploma after the bursary from the BISA may be paid on installment payments; ensuring education remains affordable and accessible to all learners in South Africa.

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  1. Would like to know if the bursary can cover if a candidate who studies at UNISA is covered by the bursary

  2. I have looked every were, I am doing Public Relations, n I am finding it really hard 2 find bursary. will I ever get a bursary 4 Public Relations?

    1. start with looking into YOUR government educational bursaries. They are the easiest to apply and get. Go directly to your government website and search for ‘bursaries’.

      You must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. Go directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for.

    1. boitumelo,

      you must go to your own government educational website and apply to the bursaries there. Government bursaries are easy to get compared to private bursary programs.

  3. I did my high school education here in SA, but im not a south african i need your help in finding bursaries or scholarships which offer their aid to international students here in South Africa.

    1. Farai,

      you want to contact your own government bursary programs to apply to because they are the easiest ones to get. They are need based. Then apply to other private ones.

  4. I am a professional social worker I want to do masters now but I need bursary to further my studies

    1. pretty,

      I would inquire into your own government bursary programs firstly. They may have bursaries for MS studies you can apply too; especially since your field is social worker – which gov normally have.

  5. I am also one of the students who really need some bursary but I don’t know where to go, I am a senior student please help. I’m currently doing Bachelor of public administration

    1. mfanfikile,

      apply to your college bursaries by visiting your financial aids office and apply to as many as you are qualified for. You won’t know if you qualify for a bursary until you apply to it.

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