Bursaries Direct from College

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Bursaries Direct from College

When students look for educational bursaries to help pay college cost, they should always apply directly through the college since many universities have bursaries as part of their student financial aid packages which are offered to all who qualify for them.

Many students search out private bursaries to apply to which is always good to do, but they may be better off applying to the the college bursary programs. Colleges and Universities need students attending to survive in the first place and no students equals; no school.

The college will work harder to award bursaries to students for this reason alone. They have a vast array of bursaries for many student financial situations and are eager to award educational bursaries so their attendance is secure and growing.

You must ask and apply in the financial aids office of the college you will be attending.

This fact alone can insure students who are looking for bursaries that they will get a thorough evaluation of all and any bursary program they can fit into at any college they apply to for bursaries.

Bursaries & Scholarships from Universities

We will look at a few bursaries given out from Canadian Universities since they have more programs which are more favorable to all types of students; even international and out of country students. Canada works hard on out of country students in getting them to attend their universities and they have government, as well as direct university bursaries to do it too!

St. Lawrence College in Ontario Canada, is a college of Applied Arts & Technology that has (3) campuses in Eastern Ontario – Brockville, Cornwall & Kingston, boost that because of the generosity of former alumni, corporations, Foundations & friends in their community they have a large amount of student financial aid (bursaries & scholarships) in helping students attend their school. I’m sure that former alumni remember what it was being a college student and how hard it was paying for it never having any money and racking up their student loans every year.

St. Lawrence College bursaries for college range from $500 to $3000 and awarded 500 plus bursaries to their students. All students have to do is fill out their bursary application once to be considered for a plethora of their bursary programs they have available to award students each and every college semester.

That’s an easy way to search for bursary financial aid at a University!

Carleton University located in Ottawa Ontario is a dynamic research and teaching institution dedicated to achieving the highest standards; has a nice list of bursaries through their bursary look up search tool.

It’s easy to use too!

Students can choose from a drop down bar in the category field of study menu and search for their desired bursaries from Carleton University.

This┬ámakes it simple and easy for students looking for a particular educational bursary. Carleton state’s that students are considered for all the bursaries listed in their category selected by filling out the general bursary application form. So students only have to select a category and all bursaries that are in that category they are considered for.

This is a classic example of what was mentioned earlier in that colleges/universities want/need students attending their campuses purely to survive so they will do everything they can to accommodate them all in possible ways. This is how they do it.

Student fill out ONE general bursary application form and the search tool does all the work looking for a bursary program(s) that the student will fit into. This is how Carleton University makes sure no student gets overlooked for student financial aid – it’s all done automatically.

Carleton University is one place to look if you want to find educational bursaries to pay for your college.

Humber College located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning; and a publicly-funded polytechnic college offers bursaries to their students. They categorize them as:

Tuition Bursaries
Financial Need Bursaries
Ontario First Generation Bursaries
Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF) Bursaries
Student Access Bursaries
Study Abroad/International Mobility Bursaries

As you can see the more categories you have, the more students you can fit into them so as to award more Humber bursaries to students so the can attend the Humber University. Sometimes students can fit into multiple categories (if allowed by the university) giving them more student aid, making it possible to cover all their student cost.

Queen’s University at Kingston is a public research university located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in October 1841 from a royal charter issued by Queen Victoria. Queen’s university predates the founding of Canada by 26 years! They have a Queen’s General Bursary which helps those students with the greatest financial need. They also have what is called Admission Bursaries which are based on financial need.

Other categories of Queen’s University bursaries are:

Bursary for mature students
Admission bursaries for Law students
Admission bursaries for Medicine students

As you can see the Admission bursary is to help first year students, and the others are more specific in nature. Since they are bursaries, all will use a financial needs scale to some degree then others and my differ based on what the demonstrated financial need is of each individual student.

Queen’s offers numerous scholarship programs too as well as bursary programs as well. Both do the same thing in paying for a students college cost and they don’t have to be paid back.

*As a final note, it should be mentioned that Government bursaries should always be applied to by all students looking for bursary programs along with the above mentioned bursaries. Go to government bursaries from other countries, and government bursaries and how they work.

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