Kin Canada Bursaries Program

kin canada bursaries
Kin Canada Bursaries

The Kin Canada Bursaries Program is a program that generates funds for college. Those funds come from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. The program is designed to promote college education and to encourage students to find a way to pay for their education to make their dreams come true. Over $732,000 has been awarded since the scholarship fund was implemented in 1994. This scholarship fund was the vision of Hal Rogers and his belief that promoting the education of our youth is a very noble endeavor.

Each year, they receive over 600 applications for the funds. All applicants must be residents of Canada. They must demonstrate a financial need, show community volunteer involvement, and have some knowledge of Kin Canada.

They award the money to the top 35 applications, with each winner receiving $1,000 for college. The winner are selected based on their community involvement and academic performance. Due to the generous nature of many of the clubs involved, the program seems to be doing well in terms of generating more money for future scholarships to be awarded.

Applications are completed and submitted online. It is possible to complete it all at once or to start it and save it, then return to it later on for completion. They are due by February 1st. In some years, there are more winners than others. It depends on the overall available funds that are given to the Kin Canada Bursaries Program to work with. There seems to be a good response though to this fund and so far generating enough funding for the scholarships hasn’t been a barrier for the entity.

Applications are reviewed locally and then the top ones are sent to be reviewed by a committee who will pick the winners of the scholarship funds. All winners will be notified by June 30th. Part of the Kin Canada Bursaries Program involves generating more interest out there among students for these funds. Part of their ability to do this involves working closely with the various schools and getting the message out soon enough about what is offered and how to apply.

There is a revised application for the 2013 and 2014 scholarship funds. While the majority of it will be the same, there are some additional sections to be completed. All applications must be complete in order to be reviewed for consideration of the scholarship funds that are available. Anyone needed help with the application can call or email the contact information found on the website for the Kin Canada Bursaries Program.

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