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study bursaries
Study Bursaries

Consider applying for study bursaries if you are looking for financial aid but only have a relatively small gap to fill. A Study bursary is designed to help students get access to school and study specific topics. They often offer less overall aid to an individuals need, but can be used to help students fill in small gaps.

When to Apply to Study Bursaries?

Generally designed to help students who have decided on a course in their education, a study bursary is best applied to by a student who is established in their academia or already have a career field in mind. It will also be the case that students will be able to find study bursaries if they are applying for programs which allow them to study abroad. Since financial aid when studying abroad can be limited, this makes study bursaries and scholarships exceptionally useful for this type of student.

There are numerous programs, especially in European countries, which provide study bursaries. These can be made available from a student’s college, or from a national program which focuses on specific topics of interest. While all students should certainly consider applying to these programs, the smart student would spend their time applying to them only when they know what they intend to do with their academic career.

South Africa Study Bursaries

The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers located in South Africa provides study bursaries to students who are attending school to get their degree in a related field. The amount of assistance given out by this study bursary will vary depending on what school a student is attending and what their general financial need looks like, but it can include the entire amount of tuition. All applicants will need to be members of the ICMEESA and be at least second year students at their chosen university. On top of this, only universities which are accredited by the ECSA will be approved for study bursary disbursement. Applications must be turned in before the start of the school year.

Bursaries to Study in Norway

A study bursary for students who would like to study abroad can be found with the “Study in Norway” organization. This organization provides nine different study bursary programs depending on the length of stay and the nature of a student’s studies. All of them provide for the complete funding of a semester, an entire term or large portions of a degree. Generally speaking applicants must be part of a program which has an exchange agreement with a target Norwegian university. Applications are due in almost all cases by March 15.

African Study Bursaries

At the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, study bursaries are given out to students who would like to continue their education at the AIMS research Center. This program gives out R40 000 for masters students and R90 000 for doctoral candidates. Applicants will need to submit proposals of what specifically they would like to study and have strong academic standing at their educational institution. Those applicants coming from disadvantaged background are encouraged to apply. Applications in the form of proposals should be submitted at any time, but preferably before the start of a given school year.

London Study Bursary Program

Imperial College of London provides study bursaries in the amount of 3,500 pounds. This is a great example of a financial need specific study bursary as it is provided only to those students under certain income levels. The max income amount of the program is 50,020 pounds, and students at this level can expect to receive 500 pounds in student aid. Applications must be turned in by May 25.

German Bursaries for Study

The German Academic Exchange Service provides study bursaries to students who are interested in conducting independent study in Germany. Various amounts will be given out to applying to students to help cover the costs of tuition and living. Applicants should be graduating with the bachelor degree or graduate students. All applications will require a proposal for topics of study and overall intents with regards to their academic work. Materials must be received no later than November 1.

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    1. ZINHLE,

      We do not provise bursary sponsorhips unfortunately. You must apply to the bursary programs you feel you qualify for. If you don’t apply you will never find out if you can receive any bursaries. Go to government bursaries.

    1. Hlia,

      we do not offer bursaries here through our website. We just write about those who sponsor bursary programs so you can find out about them and apply directly to them by going to the bursary sponsor’s website.

  2. I am a first year student in the University of the Western Cape and in serious need of financing my study. I am doing Medical Biosciences, and I have found nothing on it. Is there by any chance I can get help and information. Thank you.

  3. Hello I’m the one of the student who got firm offer to go to Cuba to study medicine how can I apply for bursary please help

    1. nokukhanya,

      you must apply to bursaries to see if you qualify for them. We do not offer direct bursary programs but write about those who do. I recommend that you talk with the FinAids manager at the college you want to attend to see what specific student aid programs you may be eligible for.

  4. Im from South Africa but my dream is to go study law in Nigeria…but i don’t have the money. My marks are on point. Please help

  5. Am a Ugandan, pursuing Human Resource Management Bachelors in Second Year but I need sponsors in order to achieve my dream in my Education.

    1. Shylock,

      we do not provide sponsorship’s. I would apply to your government bursary programs since they are the easiest bursaries to get.

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    I have got my results recently and would love to further my education locally or abroad. I am interested in studying Electrical Engineering or any related courses. I have excellent results in Maths, English, Physical Sciences and other respective subjects. I am a hard working reliable candidate who can work under pressure and prepared to travel.


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