Travel Bursaries for All Fields

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Travel Bursaries
Travel bursaries come in a number of forms. A travel bursary can be for students and professionals traveling along to conferences or international gatherings. Others are for collaborative projects, working to help encourage students and professionals to work together. The last form of the travel bursary is designated to specifically students in colleges to help college students conduct their studies or in general develop their education further.

Seeking a travel bursary can sometimes be easy and other times more difficult. Those looking to access travel bursaries at a general conference or something of that nature may have a hard time finding the funding needed as there will be more people applying for the assistance. However college travel bursaries are typically more readily available as they give students access to money and the number of applicants are generally lower.

Other bursaries for travel offered through member oriented organizations may also be more readily available. It is not uncommon for travel bursaries to be given out to financially needy applicants, though this is not always the case. Also common is the need for those who receive travel bursaries to explain in detail what they want to award for and why it will be useful for them to use the money for travel.

Various forms of Travel Bursaries

The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies gives out travel bursaries to student engineers who are interested in exchange programs, internships or other travel-necessary arrangements. This particular travel bursary gives out up to 2,000 euros to students depending on their travel needs at least twice a year. Applicants who are interested in the program should be studying engineering as at any level and have arranged for some sort of program with a company or college in which they will receive direct, firsthand experience. All applicants must be members of a FISITA organization. Applications should be turned in by March 31 or October 31 depending on the timing of their placement.

Every year the Canadian Conference on Fats and Oils gives out travel bursaries to students who have an educational interest in the gathering. The amount awarded to each student will be $250. All applicants will need to be full time students and have submitted an abstract to the conference’s organizing committee for consideration. The conference is normally held in September, though abstracts and applications for the bursary must be submitted by August 31.

African Biosafety Network of Expertise, an organization built around encouraging biosafety in Africa, offers a bursary for travel to those interested in participating in their annual conferences. This travel bursary covers not only the cost of travel and accommodations but also pays for meals and registration fees as well. The program is limited to young scientists in developing African nations who are focusing on agricultural biotechnology which will help develop their country further. All applicants must be under the age of 35, be in financial need, submit an abstract of their work, and be from a UN designated developing nation. Applications are due no later than February 15.

InterRidge Cruise gives out bursaries for travel in an attempt to help encourage collaboration on ocean ridge research projects. Up to $2,000 can be awarded to those who get access to these travel bursaries. The program can be initiated by either a young scientist or by a host scientist, though in either case both must be interest in ocean ridge research. Interested applicants can check with the InterRidge website for those researchers attempting to find suitable co-researchers. Applications are open whenever a new cruise is being planned, so applicants should check with the website regularly for upcoming opportunities.

APS Physics awards travel grants to students who are interested in collaborating on physics research in developing countries. Travel bursaries are given out based on financial need, time requested and scope of research. All projects must last for at least a single month, have an abstract of intended research submitted, and at least one collaborator must be an APS member. Applications run on a rolling system and open up multiple times every year.

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    1. we explain about many various forms of bursaries on our site but you must apply to them if you want to find out if you qualify for one. You do this by going directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply online directly with them. There is normally a link in the article which will take you there, or you must search for the bursary in your favorite search engine to come to the updated and correct URL to apply. If the bursary sponsor changes their links often then we will not continue to provide the link in our article. Every bursary program has their own special form and there is no one universial bursary form.

      1. I need a bursary as i am dio B Tourism at University of Zululand it my biggest wish to compite my degree money is the only problem

    1. caleb,

      you must apply to any bursary first to see if you qualify for it. We do not sponsor bursaries but write about those you can apply to. Go directly to the bursary sponsors website to apply.

  1. It is so sad that by 2013 i am going back home, i need financial assistance. This yaer i do not think i am going to be successful in stilling the money to study again. it is going to be either, i go to jail, i stay at home or simply give myself peace and just leave these Earth and see what Heaven has prepared for me.

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      never give up no matter how bleak. Keep looking, striving and trying to reach your goals no matter what. If everything was easy; life would be boring. Doors are closed to tell you to look elsewhere. This is how the divine works. He’s a tough loving father who knows what we need and how to be treated to get where we’re supposed to go. Trust in this starting today and you will get what you need. Consider your government bursaries which are the easiest to get.

  2. m currently studying bsc computer science and mathematics, i would love to get ny degree some where in europe please help; m studying at university of limpopo medunsa campus

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      apply to as many bursaries as you can. That’s the only way to see if you qualify for them. We write about the more affluent ones on our website to help you get ideas on bursaries. You must go the website of the bursary sponsor to apply.

  3. I am currently a postgraduate student in @ Tshwane university of technology Pretoria south Africa registered for masters in metallurgy engineering .please help me on how to go about getting bursary for my studies

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      since you are registered in a university it is always best to inquire into bursaries in the financial aids office to get the latest bursary offerings. Also apply to your government bursary programs which are the easiest to get!

  4. I am currently studying tourism management at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and would like to do my Btech also next year, is there a bursary you can recommend for me please?

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      you may want to look into visiting your financial aids office to see what bursaries you can apply to that may help you; since you are already attending NMM. Have you looked into your government bursary programs yet?

  5. I am looking for a bursary but I am studing a law degree and I do not know if you guys will fund me or the way I am studing at university of Zululand.

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      you can apply to any bursary program we write about by going to the bursary sponsor’s website to apply online. Normally there is a link in the article to take you there, unless they frequently change it then you must search for the sponsor in a search engine of your choice.

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