UBC Bursaries in Canada

ubc bursaries
UBC Bursaries in Canada

The University of British Columbia gives out UBC bursaries in Canada every year at multiple levels to deserving candidates. At this Canadian college, students who are Canadian citizens will be able to get access to bursaries with relative ease. International students will find access to a UBC bursary more difficult to come by, but American college students will still have access to the Direct Student Loans program offered through the United States government.

A UBC bursary comes in various forms, either for low income students, or more merit based programs. Work programs are also available through UBC bursaries for students in need of additional financial assistance. Of course these general UBC bursaries are merely the tip of the iceberg as there are numerous other UBC programs available at the department level. The law school at the college often gives out quite a bit of funding as it has a number of older students who graduated long ago and donate today. Other departments also provide their own funding when it is available, and there are always national bursary programs to which students will be able to apply when there is no additional funding available to them through the college.

Two Types of UBC Bursaries in Canada

First students should know that there are basically two types of UBC bursaries in Canada offered through the main office of financial aid on campus. These come down to the “general” and “affiliation” types. General UBC bursaries are offered to all students at the university as long as they are Canadian residents and have continued financial need. The affiliation UBC bursaries are designed for more specific purposes such as low income, demographic variables, or other possible “only this accepted” concepts. Deadline for all general UBC bursaries are September 15 for students going to school in September and June first for this beginning classes in May. Affiliation UBC bursary applications are due on May 31. General UBC bursaries should be applied for through the Student Services Center and affiliate programs can be applied for through the Affiliate Bursaries webpage.

Work Program UBC Bursary Program

The Work Program UBC bursary is a program designed to help students financially by giving them part time jobs on campus. This is also known as “work study” and is oriented to give students an experience in their future profession whenever possible. International students may be eligible to participate in the Work Learn UBC bursary program which operates in the exact fashion as the resident-only work study program. All foreign applicants interested in this program will be required to be full time students. There is no direct application process established for these programs and students should instead apply directly to available work study jobs on campus. The aid will be made available through student accounts in the form of financial aid.

University Department UBC Bursaries

There are a number of departments on campus which offer UBC bursaries of their own. A great example of this is the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council UBC bursary which gives out up to $35,000 a year to eligible students. This program is designed specifically with graduate students in mind and as a result all applicants will need to be masters or doctoral level students. Applicants will need to be UBC students attending school full time and submit their research proposals to the SSHRC. Materials should be submitted no later than October 14.

Many Law UBC Bursary Programs

The law school also offers its own UBC bursaries in Canada to students who meet the eligibility and are considered to have the merit needed to get access to additional financial aid. There are multiple UBC bursary programs through the law school, but all have the same requirements – all applicants are required to be Canadian residents receiving loans from the government. Further, students in the JD/MBA and JD/MAAPS programs will not be eligible to apply. With an impressive forty one different UBC bursaries available through the law program alone, students should find that they have no problems getting access to financial aid. These programs would be considered affiliate bursaries and the deadline requires materials be turned in no later than May 31.

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  1. I’m a studunt who’s enrolling at MUT and I am not good financialy. I want to ask if UBC bursary can help me, I am only depending to my mother who is earning peanuts because my father past away in 2009.

  2. i have a degree in community psychology and i want to a diploma in community HIV/AIDS care and management, i looked 4 sponsors have failed 2 get and the course is starting january 2012, can UBC please help me?

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