UiTM Bursary

uitm bursary
UiTM Bursary

A UiTM bursary program can be obtained from the University of Technology Mara located in Malaysia. UITM is the biggest source of technological training in the country and in order to help students better afford the programs they offer a number of UiTM bursaries. Students seeking training at UiTM have the option of not only getting access to a UiTM bursary there but entering one of their preparatory programs which sets students up to go to other colleges around the world. The UiTM bursary program is exceptionally useful in helping prepare students for just this purpose, as they can expand their knowledge and cultural awareness in part thanks to their learning at the university.

As it happens, UiTM prides itself on being a university which starts teaching students and then, with their aid, sends them off to other countries to continue their education. Apart from these preparatory courses, UiTM also provides training in an immense number of fields from management, to engineering, to pharmaceuticals to sports medicine. Students flocking to the university will definitely want to consider trying to get access to their financial aid offered through UiTM bursaries so that they will be able to pursue on of their degrees or prepare to head off to partnered university to complete their education.

PTPTN Education Loan Scheme and UiTM Bursaries

Students should know that although there are UiTM bursaries available to them, they will always be directed first to the PTPTN Education Loan Scheme as supported by the Malaysian government. The program is designed to help students afford their education across the country at colleges and does not represent a UiTM bursary. These loans can be used to pay for the entirety of their education or for only a small part of it. Applicants to these programs must be pursuing diplomas at any level or taking professional courses.

UiTM Bursary Guidelines

Once a student has applied for the loan scheme, they can start working on a UiTM bursary. The department of financial aid gives out UiTM bursaries based on a number of things. First is financial need. Students who can show a financial need by coming from a family which makes less than RM1,000 a year, is an orphan, or has no external funding may be eligible to receive this form of financial aid through a UiTM bursary. There are four different funds from which this money is drawn, and amounts are on a first come first serve basis, so students should be applying for these as soon as they are available.

UiTM Bursary Student Welfare Fund

Another financial need UiTM bursary scheme available through the university is the Student Welfare Fund which awards up to RM500 annually. Applicants to this program should come from a household make less than RM1,000 and also have been at the university for at least a year while maintaining a record of low disciplinary action.

Disabled UiTM Bursary Program

Finally, students who are disabled in some way may be eligible for RM300 through the Less-Abled Support UiTM bursary program. They merely need to fill out a less-abled student form and submit a request for financial assistance.

Various Companies participate with the UiTM Bursary Program

UiTM bursaries are made available from companies in participation with the university, though they are not directly listed on the website. Students interested in an external UiTM bursary program should fill out the “Online Bursary Application Form” and submit their overarching career interests. Students do not apply for external UiTM bursaries through companies directly but rather are given access to these programs through decisions made in concert with individual companies and the university. The partnership program established by the university works within specific departments, so students seeking access to these programs should consult with their department heads in order to get the ball rolling. Each department at UiTM should have a UiTM bursary officer who will be familiar with available programs and should be able to answer any questions a student may have.

Students seeking a UiTM bursary have a number of options when applying for financial aid. Whether it be through the national student loan program, low income assistance, or through department partnered companies, it should be a matter of filling out the right forms and maintaining standards of academic excellence to get some much needed financial aid.

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